New Short Fiction

Twisted Root Publishing is pleased to present two new works of short fiction:

Brambles and Black Horses – Karen L. Abrahamson

Gayle lost everything in the long ago accident that killed her family’s champion race horse and left her a ruined wreck of flesh and broken bones. Now, as bulldozers destroy the old farm where her love of racing was born, the appearance of a strange barefoot boy threatens to bring ruin upon her again.

Available at Smashwords, Amazon and most other fine e-tailers.



Ice Dragon: Story One in the Ice Dragon Series

Only the brave and the lucky can survive the walking dead, the frozen winter and the perilous ice dragon.

When seventeen-year-old Jazella of Gruenheld faces a forced marriage to the ancient Venerable Heed, she makes the decision to risk everything in hopes of obtaining the treasure that will buy her freedom. Faced with the dead and the dragon, will her luck hold?

Available on Smashwords, Amazon and most other fine e-tailers.


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Three New Short Stories

Happily Ever After at the End of Days –

Karen L. Abrahamson

All Agatha Cluney (That’s Clun-eh, as in the French) wants to do is to make people happy, but when you’re a psychic at the end of the world, that’s particularly difficult to do….

Available on Smashwords, Amazon and at other fine e-tailers.



Blood Knowledge of Swans

Karen L. Abrahamson

A small child, a string of pearls and a colony of swans converge in this short story of family life gone wrong. In Bella’s world of beautiful swans, her mother is the most beautiful creature of all. But swans abandon Bella every year and now her mother may abandon her, too. In a world filled with magic, what’s a child to do?

Available on Smashwords, Amazon and at other fine e-tailers.



Mirrors and Cloth

Karen L. McKee

Lost in Rajasthan, the home of camels, hevalis,  ornate men’s turbans and women draped in mirror-embossed saris, freelance journalist, Lena, must deal with strange customs and two men who profess to love her. Choosing the right path can be as convoluted as the twists on a Rajasthani turban.

Available on Smashwords, Amazon and at other fine e-tailers.


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Latest Novel Release: Epic Fantasy

The Warden of Power: Book 1 in the Pangea Chronicles

Karen L. Abrahamson

Blood magick, earth magick, treachery and deceit. Lowly humans, High-bred Cartos and half-blood deim. All these underpin this latest epic fantasy set in Karen L. Abrahamson’s Cartos Universe.

In the First Age of the World, First Cartos Lazar holds the ultimate power in Pangea. He seeks to control his wayward kin’s use of Cartos magick and abuse of the landscape and its people. Lazar knows that magical change leads to destruction , but his kin don’t hold his views.

When a Cartos creates a huge rift in Pangea, it triggers a series of devastating, magick-imbued quakes that threaten the very fabric of Creation. Now Lazar and his squabbling kin must find the rift’s creator and stop the ruinous change-inducing quakes.

But ruin comes in many guises and the greatest threat to the Cartos Age might well be the Cartos themselves.

Available through Amazon, Smashwords and DriveThruFiction.

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Latest Short Story Release – December 9, 2011

 Blood and Magick

Karen L. Abrahamson

A murdered caravan merchant, a threatened city, and a forbidden magick that could start a war.

As Marshal of the City of Dreams, Marcellus deim Lazar must solve the murder of a half-breed deim merchant discovered in a place no deim should be. The death could ignite a fire that will ravage the City he loves, for humans, powerful Cartos wizards, and the deim — the Cartos’s half-breed children — coexist in the City in an uneasy peace. Long have the Cartos ruled, but now whispers fill darkened alleys with rumors that the deim may take back the long-denied power that their half-Cartos bloodline gives them.

To gather the evidence he needs, Marcellus must confront a magick that could save the woman he loves, or destroy everything he has given his life to preserve.

Available on Smashwords and Kindle.

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Latest Novel and Short Story Release October 21, 2011

Novel Release: Romantic Fantasy

Second Spring – Karen L. McKee

In this reimagining of Persephone’s myth, a modern day ranching community retains its worship of ancient rites. At age eleven those rites bound Letha Rivers to Shelter Lake as the consort of Spring. Now in her twenties she yearns to be free, but Spring itself and the people of the valley conspire to hold her in the valley. Can she use the return of the valley’s prodigal son as a means of escape, or will falling in love entwine her deeper into an unwanted life? If she leaves will Spring return, or will the valley she both loves and hates wither and die under eternal winter?

Available in print and for e-formats at Smashwords and for Kindle.

New Short Fiction: Contemporary Fantasy

Bees in the Morning – Karen L. Abrahamson

Samuel Benson’s life changed the day he found his best bee hive destroyed. When the creatures who have taken over attack him, he thinks he might be losing his mind. After all, they look suspiciously like fairies.

Available on Smashwords and for Kindle.

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Latest Novel Release September 19, 2011

The Cartographer’s Daughter

Romance, adventure, a courageous heroine—and one of the coolest fantasy concepts you’ll ever see. THE CARTOGRAPHER’S DAUGHTER is an epic tale of a young woman with the power to destroy or create, simply by redrawing the map of the world. Lianna’s story will sweep you away to a world you’ve never experienced before—and one that might disappear before your very eyes.”

Robin Brande, Author of Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature; Fat Cat; Doggirl; and The Parallel series.

In 1432 Portugal, Lianna Reinel lives with her Aunt and Uncle in a small secret enclave of magical beings called Cartos. Long ago the Cartos race held dominion over the earth and could rewrite it at will. Their arrogance led to a cataclysm, the end of all things, and the human racial memory of demons. It also led to a Cartos Edict against the use of their magick.

Lianna’s forbidden love for a human boy, Gil Eannes, and the arrival of Prince Henrique of Portugal who needs an alliance with Lianna’s uncle to finance a holy war, leads to Gil’s banishment on a deadly journey to the actual end of the earth. Forced to choose between her love or obedience, Lianna wakens old magick and then must face the consequences: Fire. Water. Pestilence.

And lost love.

Coming soon in print. Currently Available on Smashwords and for Kindle.

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Latest Novel Release August 22, 2011

TERRA Incognita

A ruined city. Marauding bands of men. A flooded, poisonous world and an old magick carried in Terra’s precious blood.

In Terra Vargas’ dystopian city, Couver, society clings to civilization at the edge of the Coastal Mountains and on the small off-shore islands. In the mountain above the city a massive refugee camp overflows with hordes of displaced people – the D.P. – who escaped the floods, earthquakes and volcanic activity that destroyed most of the Pacific Northwest of North America. Terra hates the D.P. who killed her mother. She haunts the small coves and islands rescuing injured animals left behind by the never-ending D.P.

The arrival from India of a strange young man with a prophecy, and Terra’s discovery of a family savagely murdered by rogue D.P., set in motion an adventure that dredges up old horrors and powerful old magic. For Terra’s grandfather holds the key to how Couver survived when the rest of the Pacific Northwest died. That key rests in his bloodline – a bloodline Terra shares.

But the stranger’s prophecy came with a duty – to destroy the carriers of this bloodline before they destroy the world.

Coming soon in print and now available on Kindle and Smashwords.

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Latest Novel Release August 10, 2011


By Karen L. Abrahamson

A stolen antique mask. A serial killer. A female shape shifter forced to wear the faces men’s desires place on her.

Jaymee Grey: thief, loner, freak… empath. She lives in fear of men’s longings. And their hate. The change took her the first time at age eleven. It’s happened since – again and again. Until she learned to build her own protection, walls in her head, and learned the price of freedom: stay alone, don’t connect, live under the radar.

On a rain-soaked night in Vancouver, her not-so-normal life takes a nightmarish turn when an art heist goes horribly wrong and someone shatters her protection. Suspected of murder, and pursued by a serial killer who can force her to change, Jaymee must solve the mystery of her origins to solve the crime. Her only ally: an immortal man who just might love her.

Unfortunately, he also has reasons to want her dead.

Coming soon in print and now available on Kindle and Smashwords.

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