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Emberstone e-cover 200-300Emberstone $ 6.99 ebook

Karen L. Abrahamson

Emberstone introduces readers to the off-kilter world of Forrest Holmes, modern day teenage wanderer. When strange men in black roll into town, and people and places start to disappear, Forrest seems like an unlikely hero to do something about it. But then the black-clad men start asking for Forrest.

In a mash-up of Arabian Nights and James Dean, readers follow Forrest as he discovers the  truth behind the black-clad men and his own wandering history. Can Forrest Holmes protect himself and his town? Can he protect the entire earth from the creatures of smokeless fire who threaten from beyond?

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Ice Dragon e-Cover 200-300Ice Dragon: The Novel $12.99//$5.99 e-book

By Karen L. Abrahamson

An ice-bound village, a threatening dragon, the walking dead and visionary dreams of true love fuel this tale of adventure in the wintery landscape of  Gruenheld.

When threatened with marriage to a village elder, seventeen-year-old   Jazella of Gruenheld takes matters into her own hands. She sets out to reclaim the treasure that will buy her freedom and to find the man who has haunted her dreams all her life. To do so she must face the dragon who has stolen Gruenheld’s wealth and risk bringing the creature’s wrath down on her family’s village.

But dreams aren’t always true. It will take all of Jazella’s strength to escape the nightmarish dead who walk the night and to face a secret truth older than Gruenheld.

Available as an e-book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords,  and  in print here.


The Terra Trilogy

Terra Incognita Cover 6x9 with map - ecover 200-300TERRA Incognita  $14.99//$6.99 e-book

Karen L. Abrahamson

A ruined city. Marauding bands of men. A flooded, poisonous world and an old magick carried in Terra’s precious blood.

In Terra Vargas’ dystopian city, Couver, society clings to civilization at the edge of the Coastal Mountains and on the small off-shore islands. In the mountain above the city a massive refugee camp overflows with hordes of displaced people – the D.P. – who escaped the floods, earthquakes and volcanic activity that destroyed most of the Pacific Northwest of North America. Terra hates the D.P. who killed her mother. She haunts the small coves and islands rescuing injured animals left behind by the never-ending D.P.

The arrival from India of a strange young man with a prophecy, and Terra’s discovery of a family savagely murdered by rogue D.P., set in motion an adventure that dredges up old horrors and powerful old magic. For Terra’s grandfather holds the key to how Couver survived when the rest of the Pacific Northwest died. That key rests in his bloodline – a bloodline Terra shares.

But the stranger’s prophecy came with a duty – to destroy the carriers of this bloodline before they destroy the world.

Available as an e-book at AmazonBarnes and NobleKobo and Smashwords, and  in print here.

Terra Infirma Cover with map ecover -200-300TERRA Infirma $14.99//$6.99 e-book

By Karen L Abrahamson

In the years after the ‘Big One’ destroyed most of human civilization, a lone city perches precariously on the Pacific Northwest coast of North America.

When nomadic marauders attack the Independent city of Couver, seventeen-year-old Terra Vargas must choose: use her Cartos powers to protect her city, or rescue her mother from the marauders’ camp. But as her control over the earth power erodes, so does her ability to choose wisely.

Stay or go?

Either way, there will be a horrible price to pay.

Available as an e-book at AmazonBarnes and NobleKobo and Smashwords, and  in print here.


Terra Nueva Cover with map ecover - 200-300TERRA Nueva $14.99//$6.99 e-book


By Karen L. Abrahamson


In the aftermath of Couver’s devastating defeat, Terra Vargas abandons her city in search of redemption. Across treacherous mountains she follows an insistent drum beat that might be friends guiding her to safety… or those who want her dead. Ruthless marauders pursue her. So do those who believe the prophecy that she will destroy the world. Will Terra escape her enemies or will she become what they fear the most?


Available as an e-book at AmazonBarnes and NobleKobo and Smashwords, and  in print here.



Cartographer cover 2013- eCover 200-300The Cartographer’s Daughter $14.99//$6.99 e-book

Karen L. Abrahamson

In 1432 Portugal, Lianna Reinel lives with her aunt and uncle in a secret enclave of mysterious beings called Cartos. Long ago the Cartos race held dominion over the earth and could rewrite it at will. Their kind raised volcanoes, caused flood and destruction as they fought their petty wars. Their arrogance led to a cataclysm, the end of Cartos civilization, and the human racial memory of demons. It also led to a Cartos Edict against the use of their magick.

Lianna’s forbidden love for a human boy, Gil Eannes, and the arrival of Prince Henrique of Portugal, lead to Gil’s banishment on a deadly journey to the end of the earth. Left behind to marry the Prince, Lianna must choose between losing Gil or awakening old magick and its consequences: Fire. Water. Pestilence.

And lost love.

Available as an e-book at AmazonBarnes and NobleKobo and Smashwords, and  in print here.